"Dealing With Problem" Blah Blah Blah...

Through various forums (EN World and /r/rpg to name a couple) I have read too many posts that contain "How do I deal with this player" and follow up with the scenario where this dickwolf player is meta-gaming or faking dice rolls or arguing constantly or some other annoying action.

The answer is simple:  Sack up and tell them to stop.

You give them a casual warning in the moment such as "Dude, really?  Meta-gaming?" followed up with a snarky laugh.  Next time they do it, talk to them after the game and tell them "Seriously.  Cut the shit or I'm not going to be able to have you at my table."  If they still don't take you serious then you know what you do?  Kick them out.

You've given them warnings and they haven't changed their attitude.  So, at this point they are causing a distraction to the group and to you, so they have to go.

Go ahead and take this advice into the real world, too.  Troubling employee?  Fire them.  Friend who keeps pocking fun at the fact that you stutter?  Don't invite them to your awesome game nights.  Go ahead and be proactive.  It's much better then holding your seething anger inside until you punch a puppy in the face and end up in a MSPCA Commercial.


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