Heading to PAX East!

The Dragon Fisters are heading to


That's right! Shade, Pepper and ReRow will be at the convention all day, Friday through Sunday, checking out all the geeky goodness, trying out the Neverwinter MMO, hopefully D&D Next, and doing the best we can to get our picture taken with Felicia Day! 

If you have any questions, comments, or if you want to know about any of the exhibits and panels we check out or you want us to check out for you, email Shade at shade.thedragonfisters@gmail.com. We'll be looking to meet fellow podcasters in order to link up and exchange information.  You can also follow @DragonFisters on twitter and watch out for #TheDF.

Remember to make fun of Boose for being the cool, responsible kid that decided to stay home and help his wife. Responsibility, ha.


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