Chronicles at PaizoCon

If you're a Pathfinder player, then you probably follow the events of PaizoCon.  Well, this year we are in luck, because d20 Radio's Chronicles podcast managed to record a bunch of the major panels at the conference, including some about Pathfinder Chronicles, the Rules Q&A, and a Goblinworks panel discussing the upcoming Pathfinder Online MMO.  It's pretty long, but they did a great job of time marking in their show notes and everything here is worth listening to anyway.

Of course, the PFS panel will only really be interesting to you if you are a Society member.  However, the Rules Q&A and the Superstar Seminar were very intriguing.  The Goblinworks panel could have given a little bit more information on the actual game, though it turned more into a history of the Goblinsworks crew and MMOs in general.  Interesting, though not as focused as it could have been.  Overall, a good listen - especially for you Pathfinder players.

So go ahead and follow the link over to their site and give it a listen.


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