BONUS Episode: Actual Play - POI Delvers Part I

This Episode:  The members of the POI Delvers roll up their characters and start their journey as they trundle through the woods from one town to the next.  Along the way, they run across some unwanted guests that decide their horse and cart look too good for these ruffians.

Featuring the following members of the Points of Interested Network:

Josh Hawkes of Points of Interest and Hybrid Interests, co-host of Two J's Later with J.M. Clark, who also hosts An Elegant Weapon, alongside Anthony Bachman, artist behind G.E.E.K. and co-host of The Next Element, and lastly Francis Fernandez, co-host of A Critical Moment of Awesome, Nerdilicious, and Naboo Brew.

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Music included is provided by Doomstrike Eddie

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